Andre Braga"I spent my first year in Investment Valuation, I was responsible for helping my team value a patch of properties located in London. We value properties on a regular basis, for accounting purposes, for many of the large institutions such as Columbia Threadneedle, M&G, L&G and Blackrock.

"My responsibilities and day to day tasks have evolved over time; while in the beginning I was mainly in a supporting role, gathering comparable evidence, learning to use Argos investor to run valuations as well as routine tasks such as organising inspections. Working hard to learn from my line managers, I was quickly given the responsibility for my own patch of around 80 properties to value on a monthly basis.

"The asset agnostic nature of the work and the wide geographic location makes IV a great crash course in property, especially, if like me, you have an unusual background. I went to university in Portugal and Italy. I interned for Neoturis in Lisbon, which is a partially owned CBRE company. After that, I moved to London where I worked for a tech company, until I joined CBRE in Sep 2016.

"CBRE is a very social company and there is always something happening! Be it a sports day, a graduates curry night, a team’s day out or just a random coffee at the Cbar. You can also get involved in really cool things - I am a committee member of POP, a property magazine written by graduate surveyors for (present and future) graduate surveyors (a little bit of publicity always helps). I am also a committee member of the All Schools board, where we visit schools and speak about routes to careers in property, provide mock interviews and review CVs."