Anthony Vinci"I have been working as a CBRE apprentice for almost two years and haven’t looked back since. I joined straight from studying A levels with no real experience in the property industry apart from working Saturdays at an estate agents. I have felt my knowledge and confidence sky rocket from my time here and cannot wait to further improve myself in the future.

"As an apprentice, you are exposed to many aspects in the industry socially and corporately which is good as it helps establish your career. I am currently working in the Residential Valuations seat in which our primary role is to establish a suitable value for large residential portfolios given to us by our clients. My job allows me to visit a variety of different properties and means I’m not stuck in the office all day. I enjoy visiting/inspecting these properties as it improves my knowledge on the different factors that affect values of residential housing. If you have an interest, like the idea of a career within the property industry or maybe have just started. My word of advice would be to never stop asking questions. Although sometimes you may feel as if you are being a nuisance or pain to your colleagues it shows your willingness to learn – this is what people within CBRE and the property industry like to see."