UK Build to Rent: The 51st State?

CBRE’s inaugural Build to Rent conference explored the dynamics of the UK market compared with that of the US. View all the content from the conference below and hear from global experts on this exciting and rapidly evolving sector here in the UK.

Watch the Conference

Global Outlook

An overview of the macroeconomic conditions with our global researchers, Spencer Levy, Nick Axford and Miles Gibson, followed by a lively discussion into what this means for global investment into UK Build to Rent.

UK Build to Rent - Where Are We Now?

A lightning pace round-up of what the sector looks like today.

Lessons from Overseas Part 1: Investment

A lively panel session with investors leading the market in the US. Again, we look at what we can learn from more mature markets, and how we can deploy this knowledge and experience to the UK market. What might we be missing and how do we ‘get it right’?

Lessons from Overseas Part 2: Amenities, Design and Management

Surely it’s about more than cinema rooms and dog-washing facilities? We learn from industry experts with over 50 years of multifamily experience between them; what should we aiming for in terms of product, how does this translate to the UK, how might this evolve, and what is the most effective and profitable approach to management?

UK - Risks and Opportunities

Another great selection of key players who are already very established in the UK market share their thoughts on what risks might loom over 2017 and where are the opportunities hiding.

CBRE Top Tips for 2018

A range of our own specialists share their ‘get ahead’ tips for 2018, covering themes such as funding structures, access to land, design, placemaking, and rental growth hot spots.